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Steam Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Steam Cleaning Service

Do you need professional steam cleaning solutions for your home or office in Geelong? Cleaning contractors Geelong can be a great choice for you as it has been deploying the most advanced technology and tools for keeping the carpets dirt, soil and oil free and adding to your living or working condition at the same time. Steam cleaning is a method meant to thoroughly clean your carpet where dust, grime and stains that have accumulated over these years. It involves powerful extraction tools along with spray of hot water. Most of the carpet fiber manufacturers often recommend steam carpet cleaning solutions for deep cleaning satisfaction. Though other dry clean methods are available to clean your home or office carpet surface, cleaning contractors Geelong’s steam cleaning solutions assure to quickly absorb into carpet fiber and properly remove soil, dirt and pet stains. Our steam cleaning solution includes a spray of hot water and non harmful cleaning solution which saturates the long deposited dirt and immediately sucks up these materials. Since the chemical or pet stains are not likely to leave your carpet so early, steam clean procedure can be an effective and healthy option for removing them permanently. Once steam cleaned, you can expect for deep removal of all dirt, allergens and residual cleaning solutions from the carpet. We have professional cleaners who can be called on to apply hot water steam on your carpet make it clean deep into the fibers. They can really make a great job especially if you need a comprehensive cleaning solution to get rid of stained or overused floor covering. Our steam cleaning packages suit a wide range of carpet varieties and assure to give great and long lasting results. However, you will have to wait for another 12 to 24 hours time before the floor covering dries out completely and gets ready to be used again. If you are unsure about the effectiveness and pricing of our steam cleaning service