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Car Detailing

Professional Car Detailing service in Geelong

Do you want your car to look its best? Is it heavily soiled and you are unable to bring back its original shine? Cleaning contractors Geelong can help you with its car detailing service. If your car is not properly washed or cleaned for a while and requires a professional touch-up, our car detail experts can be called upon. When you need perfect care and personalized attention during your car clean, auto detailing is the only option available with us to provide you with the best level of satisfaction. Both interior and exterior details are done here to enhance the appearance of your car and maximize its curb appeal. With our fully trained and experienced auto detailing professionals, you can always manage to have a higher auto sale value and increase your ownership experience. You can achieve deep satisfaction when we will hand wash your exterior or perform a comprehensive auto detailing like shampoo wash or wax services. Be sure that we will thoroughly clean, polish and wax your car interior and exterior to produce the most amazing detail. For getting the original sparkle back into your vehicle ask for our custom car detailing services through mail or over phone. We use a good quality steamer and extractor for detailing and waxing. Both of them work together in removing all kinds of dirt from the seats and carpet. Our advanced steamer diverts the dust and dirt to the vehicle surface and uses less amount of water to achieve finest quality results. You can expect us to finish detailing within a few hours and let you drive away your car with a new look and feel. Another plus point of using Cleaning contractors Geelong is we use no harsh chemicals to wash or clean even the most soiled steering wheel, astray, glove box, tires and other parts.

Our standard car detailing service includes the following:


  • Hand Wash
  • Vacuum clean
  • Waxing
  • Hand Polish
  • Wheel Clean
  • Undercarriage blast
  • Tire Shine
  • Optional Fragrance
  • Body Shield, water-proof paint for scratch protection and brilliant look


If you want to clean your car including mats, carpet, seats, dashboard, tires and door panels with great care and make it regain its curb appeal, then contact us today.